Step 1: Finding the product

To find the product you can use different methods:

Select the product category

Sub-categories will open here showing all the corresponding products. You can consult their description and make a purchase provided that you are already registered.

Another way of locating the product is by searching

You simply have to enter the name of the product you wish to search for in our search engine and it will appear immediately. By clicking on it you can consult its description, features and buy the product. In this method you can also locate the product by entering its reference number.

If the product doesn’t appear in our catalogue, you can call us or email us at and we’ll search for it on your behalf. Lastly, you will also find recent products, featured products and promotions in the “Launches and offers” section which you may be interested in.

Step 2: Add the product to your shopping basket

To process the order, you will have to enter your login details or, if you haven’t registered yet, you will need to do so.

How to register:

You will need to click on the “professional area” or “new customer” button, once you have done so, a list of details that you need to fill in will appear. You will also be required to provide an email address (bear in mind that these two details are very important as they will be later used as your user name).

Subsequently, after the pertinent verifications you will receive your password. With this you can access the system safely, see your orders, modify details and you will also be emailed order confirmations and information of interest. It is important that the personal details that you enter are complete and correct as they will used to dispatch the order to you or to contact you.

Once you have chosen the product and quantity, you can add to the order by clicking on the button (add to the order). When you have added to your basket, you can continue shopping or, if you do not wish to buy anything else, you can proceed to the following step which is processing the order.

If you are already a customer and are on our database, please inform us of any problem you may have accessing the shopping area on the website by emailing us at:

Step 3: Confirming the order

In order to ensure that all the order details are correct we will show them to you on a form that will consist of the following: the products purchased and their prices, the delivery address, etc.

Your purchase obligation will become valid if you follow the online purchasing process and click on “send order”


In order for the customer’s purchasing experience to be as satisfactory as possible, we entrust our orders to external logistics companies to guarantee a fast and secure delivery. Orders of over €600 on the Mainland, Balearic Islands and Portugal are exempt from delivery charges.

Delivery times will be as short as possible so that our customers can use the product bought as quickly as possible. Deliveries on the Mainland will be within 48 hours. Delivery times for the Balearic Islands and Portugal will be within 72 hours approximately.

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